Logline: Self-help for the traumatized tech geek.

Concept: If you’ve worked in Silicon Valley, on the Tech Coast, in the Tech Belt, or anywhere where there’s more silicon in your electron microscope Petrie dish than on the chests of babes in Southern California, then you know you don’t have to drop $60 a day at Six Flags to ride the roller coaster of your life. As young as it is, relatively speaking, the Tech industry goes through a crash almost every 15-20 years. One minute that video game idea your 8-year-old gave you put you behind the wheel of a cherry red Maserati…by next week, you’re experimenting with 40 ways to make Top Raman. 

This creative look at how to survive your next Tech coast crash and not end up hating the beach (or even your kids’ sandbox), puts the mic to industry bigwigs and a few of their minions to develop a 12-step program forTechnophobia.

Status: Book Proposal ready May 25, 2016  

A 12-Step Program for Techies Surviving the Rollercoaster Trauma of the Tech Industry