"Larry, I told you we should have hired a gardener!"

"But Mary, all I need is a pair of hedge trimmers and a way to figure out how to get off my butt."

"Oh, like that's gonna happen any time before the cows come home..."

"Cows! Mary that's it! As soon as the cows do come home, they'll eat all the leaves and stems and we won't need to go to Ace Hardware or Orchard Supply Hardware for a brand new pair of hedge trimmers. And with the money we save, we can buy more seeds!!"


"Yes dear?"

"What if cows eat squash?"

That's the problem with ornamental squash. Their bright colors add beautiful adornments to your festive holiday displays. But, beyond that, they're not very bright. Well, Larry isn't anyway.  Take home Mary and Larry before the cows come home.  The pair are yours for $12.
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