Logline: Self-help for cats as seen through the journal of a cat in therapy.

Concept: Out of the litter box thinking comes to play in this fictional journal that actually might take on two possible embodiments or a combo of both:

1)a diary of a cat in therapy in which each photo-illustrated chapter shows a cat talking to herself or himself in a mirror (or, in the case of a neutered narrator, itself). Each journal entry is followed by one page worth of advice presented in classic self-help list guidelines for how animals, not just cats, can 'get well.'  

2)images of cats and other species of animals looking into mirrors and always 
  shot OS.

3)A combination of 1 and 2 which readers see various animals (single 
or composites) looking into mirrors. The images are accompanied by whimsical text that could only be born from the minds of the four-legged self-absorbed.

Status: Target date for project completion (with photographs): September 2016.
  Book Proposal: May or June 2015.  

Note:  TNP is developing two companion titles:

‘Let MeOWT’ – real pictures of cats caught in compromising entanglements

‘Cat-astrophies’ – photographs which preserve the aftermath of 40 cats left inside various settings (offices, homes, china shops, etc.) for 24 hours.

Paws to Reflect
The Diary of a Cat in Therapy