​Logline: Mortuary Directors and embalmers provide beauty tips for the not quite dead.

Concept: Forget makeovers, fad diets, and fashion mags. If you really want to look your best, go to the people who get it right every time…for the last time you’re seen on earth: Undertakers. In this illustrated, nonfiction, comedic look at looking great, the author interviews mortuary experts from around the U.S. to get their personal take on what it takes to bring your complexion back from the dead. Who better to ask? The author, joined by a carefully selected test group of men, women and teens from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and social strata will jump onto the cold, stainless steel table and jump off with a whole new look.  

Book Proposal available April 25, 2016.

The embalmers guide for how to look your eternal best.