Logline: Real human eyeballs digitally superimposed over the empty eye sockets of historic busts and full body sculptures.

Concept: Perhaps it was a moment of mild curiosity when the author, intrigued by a bust of Julius Caesar, that was pulled from beneath the Aegean in 2008, after a 2,000-year-old watery rest, wondered what the great emperor would look like if he had real eyes. Let’s face it, no pun, how many ancient world statues seem to be missing the one feature that lets us look beyond their cold, austere personas and into their souls? So pulling up Photoshop, in a little more time than it takes to blink from a Eureka idea, the author cut out and then superimposed the eyeballs of his 7-year-old stepson, Matty. The above is what he got.

Julius got a whole new look on life…and a really cool art book came to life. The goal: Take 100 famous and not-so-famous bronze and marble busts and full body sculptures and, using a classic (or should that be neoclassic?) Before and After juxtaposition, give new vision to long dead historical figures.  

Status: Book Proposal ready March 2016