Submissions - For writers
So you think you're nuts enough to sell your soul to us?  Great, because we're always looking for creative content that kids can sink their teeth, eyes, and, most importantly, their hearts and minds into.  We accept manuscripts for books and illustrated books, and scripts for video, film, radio, CD, and DVD.  Our target audiences range from 4 to 12 depending upon project and media. WHAT WE DO NOT ACCEPT (please read):  Anything that deals with chainsaws, axe murderers, drugs, pornography, overt hatred, (other than, of course, vegetables; every kid hates those), or anything else you wouldn't show your own four year old.  Capiche?  We have to state this here because you wouldn't believe some of the storylines that clog our inbox.  Frankly, we'd be terrified to be members of the families of some of the submitting writers who tell us they've got this 
"...great story for kids!"   


1. EMAIL US A CREATIVE COVER LETTER along with a very brief (like one paragraph) description of your story. If you prefer, you can combine the two.  If you prefer to send us a Synopsis instead, that's okay too. Please DO NOT send us the complete script or manuscript until you hear back from us.  We'll determine from your paragraph or synopsis if your project is something that would complement our development slate.  Your Subject Line should state: "TOO NUTS SUBMISSION," and your cover note should be very creative and use the words "too nuts" at least twice.  Do the math. 

2. WE RESPOND TO QUERIES USUALLY WITHIN 72 HOURS. If we say, "Yes, send over your script (or manuscript)," you must be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  We have a standard NDA we use with all writers whose work we desire to see.  If we decide to take a look at your material, we will include this in our reply as an attached Word file. To save trees, please scan your signature and attach it to the signature line on the last page of our NDA.  

3. EMAIL US THE SIGNED NDA AND YOUR SCRIPT/MANUSCRIPT as attached Word files.  In your Subject line, please include:  "TOO NUTS SIGNED NDA/MY PROJECT." We try to respond to all manuscripts and scripts within 4 to 8 weeks depending upon the demands of our production schedule.  If we like your project, you will hear back from our agent or one of our producers.  If we like your project but we feel it needs work, we may recommend that you run it past a script doctor or manuscript editor. If your project just isn't right for us but we believe it has potential for another company or has potential if it undergoes more work, we'll probably tell you what we feel it needs to be competitive in the marketplace.  We will never tell you "Don't give up your day job."  Okay, so now you know how to submit to us.  Stop reading and start typing.

Submissions - For illustrators

From time to time, we do take a look at portfolios.  We prefer online portfolio reviews.  So if you're a hot illustrator or aspiring to be, send us a link to your work.  In your Subject line include:  TOO NUTS ILLUSTRATOR.  We'll respond to you within 72 hours.

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