If you think you saw a fish on a star making a wish
or your hamster starts to lecture you in math.
Should you see a snail on skates or an ostrich out on dates,
and like cats you’d never dare enjoy your bath.

Sounds like time to drop a rhyme, something witty, weird, sublime,
as a dragon ponders whether he will eats-ya
It’s an open and shut nutcase, not an and, if, what or but case
If you’re gonna go, let go…gulp down Toad Pizza!

Toad Pizza, Toad Pizza
Come on in because we’re always glad to meets-ya
Toad Pizza, Toad Pizza
Come on in we’re always glad to meet-ya

Come aboard, don’t be afraid, our words spread like marmalade,
we’re not here to ride a deer or even cheats-ya
We feel literary treason is the finest form of teasin’
Fly your kite and take a bite…it’s just Toad Pizza

Now the time has just arrived, all the bees have been behived
Drop your mush and make a rush so no one beats-ya
Come along – What’s that you said?  There’s a beagle in your bed?
Bring him over here instead…we’ll share Toad Pizza!


If you’ve ever wondered why, there’s no zipper on a fly
and your nose is not your eye or feetsa.
Do pachyderms repack their trunks, are their perfumes made for skunks?
Through our doors let’s all explore Toad Pizza!

Like hot air it’s plain to see, grab your coat and come with me
While the octopus extends his hand to greets-ya
Find your table, find your chair, take the steps but leave the stairs
There’s a walrus maitre d’ who’d love to seat-ya

Do Chihuahuas fit in bottles, do canaries come with throttles?
We’re about to start the show, we’re glad to treats-ya
‘Cause there’s never rhyme nor reason, madness always is in season
Come right in and share a slice of hot Toad Pizza!


Here comes the fare!  So do prepare!
We serve it well, we serve it rare,
Take a mouthful, we don’t care!
It’s chewy, gooey, wacky, tacky,
yellow, blue, and green and cacky
Hot alamode Toad Pizza!

[kids chorus cheers and claps]

© 1994, Too Nuts Productions, L.L.C.

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