(This project was made possible by a grant from the Palo Alto Foundation for Education.)

The musical tale of a persistent mouse who cannot get the attention of a preoccupied cat no matter how hard he tries. The fully scored and narrated audio portion of this charming children’s book was recorded live on stage in Northern California by the Palo Alto Unified School District’s


He crept out of his hole 
He crept around the house
Methodic like a mole
This was Anonymouse.

His mission: to detect 
His passion: to discover
A rumor to inspect
The Feline’s latest lover.

He knew if all else fails
If true, it would spell trouble
Two heads, eight paws, two tails
Meant trouble truly double...

6th Annual Music Teachers/Students Scholarship Winners Orchestra (recorded by Annex Digital Studios a.k.a. "The Annex," Menlo Park).

Narrated by Los Angeles voiceover actor, Matthew Staples against an original score by TNP’s VP of Music, Daniel Leo Simpson and with SFX by TNP’s post-production supervisor, John Biehl, the soundtrack was later played while inspired L.A. kids at the Brentwood Art Center, ages 5 through 15, individually illustrated all 20 verses of Anonymouse Vol. 1. The premise and character are ready for development into a 9 volume illustrated book, audio CD/DVD series and animated series for Internet.

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