The content suite in the Too Nuts Productions portfolio of children's literary, audio, video, DVD and internet entertainment 
is home grown.However, our bowl of nuts includes 
producers, writers, composers, voiceover actors, 
illustrators, photographers and sound designers who 
are always willing to spread the madness whenever 
anyone comes knocking on our tree. Our tiny shop 
has assembled some of the most unusual and 
enjoyable creatives who offer a variety of boutique 
services and who hold true to our mantra: 
"Put the project first.". (No egos here, folks. Well, 
other than the cat's. But toss her some Friskies 
and she suddenly forgets why she snubbed you.) 
For more information on how you and your company 
can tap into our talent, please contact TNP Co-Exec. 
Producer, Ralph at:
OR (707) 637-0027
For music, sound design and composition inquiries, please 
contact TNP Co-Exec. Producer, Daniel at OR (707) 637-0027
Since the lunatics over here are often running the asylum, there's  
plenty of nuttiness to go around. So email us or give us a call! 
Services - Need some nuts?  (Visit our Representation page as well.)

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Above, Ruth Chambers reprises the role of "Madame Saturn."  When not portraying characters who are fabulously out of this world, Ruth is one of the most down to earth, creative, and hardest working writers and voiceover actresses in show businesses.  Be sure to check out her soon to be published historial fiction, "Memories of the Gold Rush."