They’re the Riders of the Bar-B-Q Range. These two unsung backyard cowhands, ever aspiring to land a Nashville recording contract, ride throughout their neighborhood, side by side atop two motorized, Webber pot-bellied barbecue grills making the streets safe for democracy and the right to eat fried chicken 24/7. One guy is an accountant, the other, a pool cleaner. When they combine forces, lookout bad guys…and lookout neighbors! (Keep your garden hoses handy, ‘cause sparks are gonna fly!)

This half hour animated series is also a vehicle to introduce guest Nashville country music stars performing their own hits as well as original Suburban Cowboys Music soon-to-be hits like:

Is This What They Meant…By Call Waitin’?
That's Gonna Leave a Mark
Rider of the Bar-B-Q Range
These Empty Arms
This Honeymoon Suite’s Turned Sour
Closed Casket – Open Bar
(CD available upon request.)

Status: Currently in concept stage.

Suburban Cowboys Music is a
Division of Too Nuts Productions, LP

The Suburban Cowboys