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Our Teacher Is A Creature
Our Teacher is a creature.      She lectured us on stars.(Miss Bixley’s on vacation-- her sub arrived from Mars.)
 “Good morning, class and welcome. I’m filling in today. I’ve traveled quite a distance. Let’s start out right away.”
 “Now children, name the planets. Miss Lucy, you go first.”(Lucy:) “There’s Venus, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Mars, and Earth.  “And Jupiter and Saturn; although it seems to me, there’s one more I’m forgetting-- Oh yeah, it’s Mercury!”
Our Teacher looked astonished, “Just who’s been teaching this? You think your solar system makes up the universe?....
It's the children's story of a substitute 4th Grade teacher...from Mars.
And she’s traveled quite a ways only to discover, to her frustration, how much Earthling kids don’t know about just what’s out there.  
The project, to be released under the Too Nuts Productions, L.P. publishing banner, is scheduled for presentation to our distributor colleagues in October 2007. Arroyo Grande illustrator, Tim Huhn, who has created characters for Disney, among others, is attached to the project and has begun character explorations.------>
In the tradition of Too Nuts properties: "Anonymouse," "The Salivating Salamander," and "Toad Pizza," TNP's Co-Exec. Producer and VP of Music, Daniel Simpson is composing another charmingly animated original score. We're also delighted to be working again with the very entertaining (and quite bizarre) voiceover actress, Ruth Chambers. 
After casting the children's dialogue parts, the project is slated for production in mid summer 2013 at "The Annex" (formerly Annex Digital Studios) in San Mateo, CA.  TNP looks forward to working with sound designer and TNP's post production supervisor John Biehl of Scottsdale to incorporate his ever expanding portfolio of galactic sound. 
(Illustration created via composited clip art. Not original TNP material. Source unknown.)